I was so excited when a local business, BRZN Fitness, contacted me to collaborate on a photo shoot for their website. Not just because the guys behind BRZN (Collin Dawson and Alex Becker) are two very good friends of mine; but also because these guys are crazy passionate about what they do, and I believe in what their brand stands for.

I’ve always struggled with my weight, and in 2012 I decided I was tired of, well, being tired. I wanted energy, I wanted to be able to DO things I never thought possible. It wasn’t just about wanting to “LOOK” better, there was something else I wanted, I just didn’t know what it was yet. The fitness industry and our culture promotes a lot of fad diets, magic pills, and cardio, cardio, so much cardio! I was so lost, and I decided to sign up for a boot camp class at my local gym put on by their trainers. Among them was Collin, his approach to fitness spoke to me. He isn’t about quick fixes, he wants his clients to have the confidence to walk into a gym with or without him and feel like they are accomplishing their goals. With his guidance and friendship, I lost a ton of weight and still continue to train with him whenever I can.

Alex, for the past year, has been a constant source of inspiration. After being involved in a motorcycle wreck, his doctors weren’t even sure if he would ever walk again, much less reach any of his other physical goals. Despite the pain he felt physically, and the turmoil he must have felt mentally, he pushed through. Now, not only is he walking, he is also getting stronger every day, and even teaching an Olympic Lifting class which I am fortunate enough to be a part of. He kicks my butt every Saturday morning and never lets me give up no matter how frustrated I get. He also believes in pushing boundaries and living in a constant state of improvement, a philosophy which I admire greatly.

These guys practice what they preach. They want their clients to exceed their potential and live a healthier, more fulfilling life. They are everything BRZN stands for, bold and passionate in everything they do. Okay, before I stop gushing about these two and get to the photos, I should let you know that BRZN is offering 14 days of free online training for new members, so check them out here!