Whether you are a business owner who is the face of your company, or a professional growing your career, visually branding yourself is essential. We live in a visual age where you don't have to be a movie star or a CEO to benefit from a web presence. Let's face it, using an iPhone photo from your most recent vacation just doesn't cut it. You want to project an image of confidence, and value in who you are and what you do. Here are a few things to consider when booking a Branding Session. 


As a photographer, I provide two types of sessions to my clients. The first being a classic head-shot taken in studio against a solid colored backdrop; or a lifestyle session either on-location at your place of business or another suitable location that speaks to you as a professional. If you are a business owner looking to expand your social media presence, I highly recommend a lifestyle photo shoot. There is much more opportunity for variety in posing and gives your customers and followers a glimpse of what you look like in action. 

Whether in studio of on-location, consider hiring a make-up artist to prepare for the shoot, or treat yourself to another service that will help you relax before the photo shoot. Fingernails are often overlooked before a session, so make sure and get rid of that chipped polish beforehand so you are not worrying about it on the day of your shoot. Get a good nights sleep and stay hydrated in order to present your best self forward.

When preparing for a lifestyle session, think about having an outfit change for variety. Select clothing that are not only professional according to your field of business, but also represents who you are. Clothes that are comfortable and tailored to fit your body will act as a second skin and ultimately make you feel confident. The level of confidence you feel will be reflected in your photos. 

Many professionals recommend investing in your visual brand at least once a year. You never know when you will need a current photo for a new job opportunity or media release. There's nothing worse than having to scramble to get a new photo done when you realize the head-shot on your LinkedIn page is 5 years old.

Currently, I am offering specials on my Branding Collections. Prices and descriptions are available below. Please contact me with any inquiries about adding product photography to your session.

The Lifestyle Collection | $400 | 30 mins, 10 images, 2 outfit changes, shot on-location

The Social Media Starter Collection | $595 | 60 mins, 35 images, 2 outfit changes, 2 locations