I've been hard at work restructuring my studio policies and collections to give my clients the best service and experience possible. In the past, I was juggling a full-time job while taking on photography clients on the side; and for many years all of my sessions included digitals. 

So much has changed in the last 6 months! I took a leap of faith; left a stressful full-time job for a more flexible part-time one, and decided to focus all of my energy in building my photography business. I knew the first and most important thing to do is to restructure my session fees and packages. I realized how important getting to know my clients is to me, and how valuable creating a physical product is to the memory of their growing families. With technology constantly changing, I feared that the digital images from past sessions would become obsolete and those memories would be lost forever. 

I remember growing up and seeing family portraits on the wall, looking through albums and picture boxes containing all of my childhood memories. Then I think about the box of CDs with thousands of photos hidden under my bed, the countless photos on old cell phones and usb drives. Half of those disks are cracked, scratched, or unlabeled, and the cell phones don't turn on anymore. I came to a conclusion; as an artist and professional who people rely on to document their lives, I don't want to contribute to the loss of so many memories.

Instead, I've created collections with extended and unlimited time limits to maximize creativity (yay!), and encourage turning your memories into tangible art. My goal is to offer affordable products and a more personal experience. Booking a session will start with a phone consultation to plan the perfect session, and end with a in person image reveal where I can guide clients to pick art according to their needs and budget. To celebrate these changes, I'm offering an additional free 10x10 wall canvas to anyone who mentions this blog post when booking a session with me (double yay!) from now until September 1st! Contact me for details!

Please take a look at my "Investment" page for detailed descriptions of collections and contact me for specific pricing on wall art, albums and prints.