Today, I took some time out of my day to check out a yoga studio in the beautiful Bird Rock area of La Jolla. Random right? I live in East County San Diego, how did I end up driving out during commuter rush hour to attend a 9am yoga class across town...on a Monday? Well this little outing all started because Riff Studios liked one of my photos on Instagram. Yes, I am one of those people that looks at new people's feeds when they like my photos. Oh man! I am so glad I did! That night while browsing their feed, I completely feel i love with their space and was super stoked that they were offering free morning classes at 7, 9, and 10am at their studio. 

So, around 9:30 last night, I signed up for the 9am class, set my alarm, and looked forward to the next day. Now, when my alarm went off at 6:30 this morning, I almost said, "Forget it! I'll try again tomorrow." Then, I remembered how much I hate to flake out on things, and how annoyed I feel with the culture this day in age where if something is free it has no value and "no-showing" is not a big deal. No, I'm committed not to be like that, and let my "yes" mean "yes." I will not commit to something, only until the next best opportunity comes along because that is a selfish way of thinking. *Angela steps off her soapbox*

But I digress... I arrived at Riff's, and realize I forgot my yoga mat...I had one job! Jordan welcomed me to the studio and informed me that they supplies mats, blocks and blankets (score!). She then began class and was an awesome instructor! Yoga can be kind of intimidating because you think, "I'm not flexible enough," "I'm uncoordinated," "I'm not into chanting and meditation." Jordan's approach was casual in the best way possible. She made you feel comfortable with any limitations you might have and confident in setting intentions for your practice. Plus, she talked to you like your best girlfriend, and there was not one ounce of intimidation or superiority. She was also very clear in explaining posture and body activation to get the most out of your practice. I am by no means new to any of the yoga poses we did today, but a lot of things seemed to click and I made huge strides in understanding how my body should be aligned. 

The space itself was gorgeous! I've never done yoga al fresco, so the experience of practicing on an outdoor deck that felt like a treehouse, was amazing! Taking deep breaths filled your lungs with fresh sea air as opposed to stale gym air. While in child's pose, I noticed my mat smelled really good. I assume they spray it down between classes, so I felt that was a nice touch. The class ended with "Shavasana" of course where we could relax and recover for 10 mins. During that time, the instructor gave us each an aromatherapy head rub that allowed for maximum relaxation. 

Conclusion: I wish I lived closer! If I wasn't all the way across town, I would totally subscribe to a monthly membership. That being said, they do offer "drop-in" class fees and I can totally see myself coming back every now and again as a little treat for myself. Thank you so much Jordan and Riff's Studios for a wonderful experience!