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diy essential oil spray

I was in a DIY mood and decided to create my own aromatherapy scent! I am a big believer in the soothing powers of essential oils, but I've never really ventured out and experimented with their uses. A very dear friend of mine is coping with an autoimmune disorder, and I wanted to give her a gift that was two-fold. Something that would remind her that she is always in my thoughts, and also help bring her some relief...even just a little bit.

Enter: Essential Oils. Now, I'm still learning about the different uses of oils and opted to create a spray instead of an oil blend used topically on the skin. Once I finished hers, i thought it would be fun to create a scent for myself to help energize my mood and help me focus. The oils I picked to combine were: Eucalyptus (cleansing and energizing), Rosemary (regenerating), and Sandalwood (uplifting). As this was a spur of the moment idea, I went to Sprouts farmer's market for my oils (There are probably better places to buy them, but I wanted them same day). I skimped a little on the Sandalwood since it's mixed with jojoba oil, but as an intro to oils, it was fine for me.

essential oil spray diy rosemary

From my research I learned oils need to be diluted, for a spray Witch Hazel was recommended. You could also use vodka if you're feeling sassy. The other component you'll need is distilled water. I followed an easy formula of 1 part Witch Hazel, 1 part distilled water and as many drops of each oil as you like. For my first try it didn't come out too bad!