Ciao Bella! The bride to be was learning Italian at the time so we had to shoot in Little Italy.

Since I am new to blogging, I thought I would pull from some of my favorite pull of photos that I may have never shared. This was a really fun engagement in downtown San Diego. We hit Little Italy, the San Diego Administration building overlooking the harbor, and even the Casbah music venue on Kettner Blvd. I really loved this session because the couple was really laid back and not self conscious AT ALL! Often times it can be a little intimidating to be in front of a camera for hours at a time, but these two were just all about having fun and being in love.  

The picture below is one of my favorite photo's I've ever taken. I like that the guys hanging out at the Casbah didn't move, instead they just hung out and acted completely normal. It adds a lot of authenticity to the photo in my opinion, and looks truly candid. I also love that while I snapped this photo, one of the guys turned to the other and said "We're totally getting photoshopped out, dude." 

 The Casbah is one of the coolest music venues in all of Southern California!
 they're all smiles and laughs in front of the san diego courthouse
san diego-courthouse-administration-building-engagement-architecture