My Brilliant and wonderful friend convinced me to drop everything for the day (it didn't take much convincing. I may have invited myself) and take an impromptu trip to Los Angeles for an art filled day. That's right, we fancy.


the lights! the lights!

Urban Lights by: by Chris Burden 


We met in the morning and considering the reputation of L.A. traffic, we were spared the worst of it and made it to our first stop: LACMA, without a hitch. I regret it took me this long to visit! Living just hours away from L.A. I always thought, "I'll go eventually." Well, I finally made it here and I have to say, it exceeded my expectations. There is SO MUCH to see and I don't think I even saw half of it. There were also a few other exhibits what we missed since they were sold out, which was a bummer. We did, however, get to experience James Turrell's "Breathing Light" exhibition which was stunning (no photos allowed, boo). You stepped in a light filled "infinity" room that changed colors. It was a very cool experience that I recommend.


"Throne" by: Tony Smith

I love the overlapping shadows in this piece. A large scale sculpture by the same artist (and style) is at the entrance. It fills the whole room if you can imagine it...you will have to because I could not do it justice in a photo.

More photos below, including a yummy seafood dish I had at the museum restaurant (because, treat yo'self).


The Broad in downtown L.A. was our next stop, home of the giant balloon dog! On our way there we saw the gorgeous Walt Disney Concert Hall and found choice parking near by. We also got lucky and there was no one in the standby line, so we were let in almost immediately (free museum, but reservations in advance are recommended!). The Broad was much easier to get through in one visit, but I still plan to come back since the Infinity Room exhibit was sold out.


I'm Obsessed

with the architecture of this building. Absolutely gorgeous. 


Now it was time to feast! We headed down the street to Grand Central Market where we were delighted to find a shmorgishborg of options for dinner. I had an insane grilled cheese sandwich at DTLA Cheese. We chatted about our amazing day and dreams of quitting our jobs and eating our way through the Central Market...if only.

As we walked to our car, we were treated to a meeting with some neighborhood rats which was...terrifying and hilarious at the same time...but mostly terrifying. I could do without the rats.