Hi All! So do you ever purchase something that you are super stoked about and you want to tell everyone you know? Yeah I get like that too, and I never really know how to go about sharing my favorite finds without bringing someone into my home and making them try it, or letting my words go in one ear and out the other. So, I want to make it a habit to share some of my favorite purchases every month on my blog.

I had never used a french press before, and in general I am very new to drinking coffee, but while I was in Joshua Tree one was provided in our Airbnb. Welp, I am a fan now, and as soon as I got back I found one of these babies at my local Marshalls. So easy to use and clean!


Once I purchased my French Press and had my coffee beans all ready to go (more on that in a bit) I realized I couldn't just grind my coffee in a blender like a savage so I started doing research. I knew I was in no position to drop $100+ on an electric grinder so I decided to go with this hand grinder on the recommendation of Amazon. Very quick, easy to use, and under $30.

Maybe I should have listed this first, as this purchase is what sent me down the french press rabbit hole. While in Joshua Tree we stopped by their local roasters for coffee and I was super impressed by their quality. Again, I am new to drinking coffee, but because of digestive issues, I am constantly searching for roasts that I can drink without any cream or sugar added. This checks all the boxes.

Found this at my local TJMaxx, not the same brand as the one I linked to, but you get the idea. This was an impulse buy but so far as been really fun to personalize every few days.


I found these at Goodwill and I'm obsessed. They totally fit the vibe I'm trying to create in my home office and they're really sturdy. I thought about polishing them up before installing them but I kind of like the tarnished look. Here are some on google if you want your own!