There are so many emotions felt at a newborn session ranging from complete and utter joy to stress and frustration. Let's be real, baby's get fussy; but I always try to reassure parents that it's completely normal and they don't need to stress about whether I will get good photos or not. So far, I have never had a session go so wrong that I didn't get any photos that I didn't love.

When thinking about this I realized I never shared all of my favorite photos from baby A's super sweet Newborn session.

As most 10 day old newborns, baby A took some soothing to fall asleep but my heart immediately melted when I caught her smiling in her sleep while in her mother's arms. Her parents have been two of my closest friends for over 15 years and I even did their Maternity session. So seeing them now in the roles of parents was so bizarre but it fit. Their little family looked complete, and I am consumed with happiness for them. Here are more of my favorite images from their session. Enjoy!